Born in New York, art was an important part of B-J's life at an early age.  She lived in a rural area, and was sensitive to the natural beauty around her.
     B-J attended a Quaker Preparatory School in New York, with two of Norman Rockwell's sons.  She taught art to young children.
     B-J graduated from Hofstra University, and met Jackson Pollock.  In Jackson Hole Wyoming she was introduced to quilting, and was the lone "gentile" in a Mormon Relief Society.  At that time there were only 2,000 people living in Teton County.
     Painting, drawing, and quilting have been a continual passion all of her life.  There was never the desire to show her work until she took a class on Art and Spirituality from David Ulrich at the Hui No'eau on Maui.  The class encouraged her to show her work publicly for the first time.  B-J entered Art Maui in 2000, a juried show.  Since then, she has had nine paintings accepted in the ten years she's entered.
     B-J joined the CVAA (Carson Valley Art Association), and received the Best of Show award in 2002.  Her works are in collections in Hawaii, California, Nevada, Washington New York and Maine.
     B-J's passion is in seeing and recording nature through the eyes of an artist.  She works predominately in colored pencil, pastels and watercolors.  She also enjoys creating art objects from "found" materials like Andy Goldsworthy.
   Artists B-J has studied with:
Doug Dawson Harold Gretzner Tony Ryder
Jade Fon Reiko Hervin Phyllis Shafer
Carmen Gardner Beth Marcil Millard Sheets
Kit Gentry Richard Nelson  

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