Life of an Artist
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Art is a mirror of who you are.
To do art, all you need to do
is get out of the way.
The creative act is the act
of wholeness.
Combine mind and body
and feeling.


Changing Tide - pastel   Art Maui 2006

Betty-Jane Pefley

    As a child, I led a very solitary life with time to contemplate nature. I spent many hours walking in the woods and observing my universe. I wanted to record what I saw on paper or canvas. These images pervade my work.
      In college, I studied philosophy, psychology and art, and received a liberal arts degree. I have continued to pursue workshops and classes in various media, including watercolor, pastel, colored pencil, oils and acrylics. I am also a quilter.

     I have backpacked 2100 miles from Georgia to Maine. This provided an unusual opportunity to experience nature in a very intimate way, and has been a major influence on my life. My extensive world travel, from Tibet to Europe has also contributed to my view of art and life.
My paintings are personal, my perception of the world. They are a combination of intellectual history and study, coupled with my emotional response. They are varying aspects of what is important in my life.
    I have had nine of my works accepted in Art Maui in the 10 years I've entered.
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